Letter On Fake News To Jimmy Wales by Shania

May 7, 2018


Letter On Fake News To Jimmy Wales


Dear Jimmy Wales,

My 9th-grade team is writing to you because we share some similarities on fake news. The issue we are fighting again is that the government and citizens are spreading the fake news all around the world and people are believing it. What caused the issue is the government handling and spreading false information. However, they want to hide the real truth and just want to convince us of issues like raise money as fraud and like the Black Lives Matter fake page.

In my opinion us people are harmed by the issue because now we don’t know what to believe.

Some tactics of social change that are on this topic are Marches and Rallies and Civil Disobedience. However, some oppressions that match this topic is ideological and institutional oppression.

My 9th-grade team had decided to make plenty of copies saying “Help Stop Fake News” with an article and we are going to post them all around the school. These posters all around the school should help people see what fake news is and it can help us try to make a point to stop it.


Shania Brown and Sharai Ward

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