I believe there needs to be a change in how the world sees energy. As the world continues to become more industrialized, more and more fossil fuels are being used up. That is not sustainable, and it is also dangerous. There are so many factors involved in global warming, but this is one leading cause of it. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, creating an ozone layer eventing in the warming of the earth. With mass deforestation occurring throughout the world, we are limiting how much carbon dioxide is getting put back into nature. I see the question of can alternative energy sources replace oil as a matter of when, not if. Our country has been industrialized since the mid-1800s yet we still follow the status quo of how we get energy. With the recent events happening in the middle east, why is our focus still on nonrenewable energy? Entities like ISIS are funded through the money of oil, and if the world shifts their focus, ISIS would eventually lose much of its funding. Also, according to the Unit of Concerned Scientists, there could become a huge influx of new jobs created as corporations and factories transition. Really the only universal reasons against renewable energy, according to Abhishek Shah is the cost and the affects of wildlife. The way I see it, oil and natural gas was once expensive as well, and look where we are now with the prices. Also, another idea given by the Unit of Concerned Scientists, the prices will be much more stable as the recourses wouldn’t fluctuate as much as oil. What is your take on renewable energy?





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