1. Vesna 3 years ago

    Hey Chata,

    I really liked your drawings and the way you told your story in a brief way. The message of the piece is beautiful and I know you have a bunch of more examples of standing up for yourself. You’ve always been really strong and hearing this story helps me to understand why that is. Thank you for sharing this piece.

    Vesna Sot

  2. Saul 3 years ago

    Dear chata,

    I really enjoyed resding your comic memoir. I can tell that your grandma was a role model to you and that you really took her word with you because of the actions you’ve made. Thanks to her, you stepped up and didn’t let noone disrespect you which I respect because it shows that you are fearless and wouldn’t let anyone to get in your way. Doing so, will get you farther into what you’d like to do in the future because you’ve shown that even bad friendships, will not stop you.

  3. Luis 3 years ago

    Dear Stephanie,
    I really like how you told this story about your grandma and everything she has taught you, im pretty sure this was a hard topic for you to talk about but it was a great story for you to share. Good Job!

  4. Esthefany 3 years ago

    Hey Chata, I really liked your comic. I can really relate to the part where you question the friendship you had with this person. I think this advice that your grandma gave you can be very useful to a lot of teens who are stuck in an abusive relationship/friendship. Thanks for sharing such a vulnerable piece.

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