Lego robots can be used to speed up the process of building DNA structures for tiny machines. By designing and assembling a Lego robot with the necessary components, such as motors and sensors, and programming it using Lego Mindstorms software, you can automate the assembly process. Through testing, refining, and integrating the robot into the DNA assembly process, you can optimize its performance for faster and more efficient construction of DNA structures.

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November 28, 2023 9:27 pm

Lego was always my favorite toy as a child, I enjoyed assembling, small, inconspicuous bricks into mind blowing buildings, figures, or cars. It is really interesting to see how lego is not just a ‘toy’, but actually something that could be innovative in all kinds of fields such as biology. Besides the DNA structure machine mentioned in the article, lego was also applied to various other fields. For example, I remember once seeing a lego prothetic arm on TV which was really striking to me.The wide variety of lego bricks provides almost an infinite amount of innovative ideas and provides a great community for people to spread and share their creativity.

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