boy hit the ball running for the next base

i remember playing on the playstation 3 for the first time
i remember my dad when he said he wants me to play baseball at 9 years old
i remember all the hours and hours of hard work and getting very talented at the sport
i remember visiting my family and friends in dominican republic 
i remember winning the fall championship while
i was 12 playing with older kids in 2018 
i remember my first home run
i remember my first hit 
i remember my first catch
i remember my dad spending hours every day on teaching me the game of baseball and me picking up his game 
i remember my dad teaching me how to hit a baseball now every time i play for a new team they get surprised because of how well i can hit and how much power and contact i have 
i remember my dad teaching me it all



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  1. Marlissa Morris 3 weeks ago

    Hi Anderson,
    It’s always great to see all your accomplishments and to hear all the good you have done. Just by reading your post, your dad is a great example to be there to show you and teach you. To me, I believe every life’s lesson is something that we will use as you become an adult. My son is 7 years old; he played tball and now coach pitch. He’s learning to be in the community and show his talent. As he becomes your age, he can say something similar to your post. Continue to do a great job, you never know who’s watching whether it be other students your age, kids younger than you, or even adults. You represent your father and family. Continue to do great work. Thank you for your post.

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