When I grew up as a kid, I always liked to use cameras, but never knew the details of taking pictures and videos. As I’ve grown up, I’ve been learning and researching about a portrait photographer. Today I am here to tell you what you need to know to be a portrait photographer. When you start you can use a phone or a camera to take pictures, but the pictures won’t be good quality like the professionals. Once you have mastered or think you can handle professional cameras, then buy a DSLR or a good quality camera. When you get a DSlR or a professional camera you want good lighting like a camera light or camera light stands. The main thing is the lens. You want a good lens that can capture a good amount of frames and has good aperture. The last thing is have a good background. The background means a lot to a picture. Find the right combination of the subject, aperture, background and lighting to take a picture. Once you know all the information to photograph, you will be taking very good quality pictures. The main thing I want to accomplish is to keep on taking more pictures and be a professional at it. I think photography is fun and it is a good career for people who like cameras and taking pictures. I hope this helped you starting from a beginner and ending to a professional.



  1. Arya 4 years ago

    I enjoyed reading your post about being a portrait photographer. I, too, have been interested in photography for some time now, but I have yet to buy a professional camera. I understand that a good camera allows for a larger aperture and faster shutter speed. The more light leads to a more defined picture. However, I do not know where to start looking for a proper camera. As you said, when talking about a high quality camera, “the main thing is the lens.” How will I be able to know if a camera has a good lens from shopping online or in a store? Is there a way I can tell without taking a few pictures on the camera ahead of time?

    • Author
      Mohit 4 years ago

      Yes Arya, there is a way to get a good lens without taking pictures. It depends on what type of lens you want. Like if you want a wide lens you want to get to 18-55mm and if you want close up pictures you can get 55mm. If you want to get a good starter DSLR camera I would recommend the Canon Rebel series. The price range is between $400-$800. Also most of the cameras have starter lens when you purchase the camera, so I don’t think you need to worry about it unless you don’t like it. I hope this helped you to buy a good starter camera and lens.

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