As a society, we have failed to learn from our past mistakes. We are still repeating the past, in the worst ways, and if we do not take preventative measures, the worst parts of history will repeat themselves. We aren’t thinking about the past, why do we even bother with learning history, if we as a society do not learn from it? “We aren’t making clear statements on how we feel about the past, we are acknowledging it, but not doing anything to stop it, or apologize for it. We are making it seen okay that history is repeating itself.” (Friedman)

Events such as Charlottesville, destroying of Holocaust Memorials, and discrimination against other races are removing any possible amends that we might make. We can’t be truly remorseful for something if we do not learn from it, and do our best to avoid it. No actions are being taken to change our society, and its subconscious views of other people. We need to fundamentally change how we interact and see other people, if we want to live peacefully.

White supremacy is so indelibly ingrained within the very fabric of the United States, and the privileges associated with whiteness are so foundational, that real change—uncomfortable change—will only come from true effort by those willing to see the holes in our national narratives of inclusion.”  (Schroeder)White supremacy is one issue that should not exist anymore. It should be a thing of the past, but it is very much a thing of the present. There are about 930 white supremacist groups in the US today. The lack of equality is earth shattering, and not much is being done to stop it.



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  1. Lex 3 years ago

    Lexi, I am satisfied by your post because I agree with what you think about society and how we dwell and continue to repeat the past but not take it as a learning curve. As we focus more and more on the past, we lack focus on trying to make changes to society. One thing you said that stands out for me is that “No actions are being taken to change our society, and its subconscious views of other people.” I think this really fits our society and explains how we lack change.

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