Learn a New Language, To Learn More Ideas by Ishak

January 2, 2018


Learn a New Language, To Learn More Ideas

My name is Ishak, and I come from Yemen. My parents speak Arabic to me.  I came to the U.S. about three years ago, and I thought it would be hard to learning English. I feel like I learn the most English in ESL class. My nephew Yousef came from Yemen about the same time as me. “Do you think we have to learn a new language?” “Yes because it can help me in different countries”

“What the language you want to learn?” “Spanish, because most people around the world speaks Spanish”

“How the language in school?” “Good because in!! because when first I come to U.S. I learn more, more English, so I can talk to other people.”

I learned this year in ESL that there is no official language in U.S. Everyone has to respect this, but there are people who don’t know this fact. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/students-walk-out-after-teacher-tells-students-speak-american-n811256

At home I speak the Arabic dialect we speak in Yemen. It’ a hard language to speak. There are different sounds, pronunciation, and words throughout the Middle East. One thing that’s different in the US: When I speak my language some people make fun of me. People think it’s funny because they don’t understand Arabic and they’re not used to hearing it. The sound of my language is funny to people, because it’s different and it’s looks like new language.

My mom tell me to lean more than two languages.

Now I try every day to be intelligent. If I learn two new Languages, it will help me at school and in different countries. I like when I study English because now I understand the students and teachers. Today I feel smarter than last year. The language I speak I am not going to forget.