Leading Causes of Animal Extinction by Lydia

February 15, 2021


Leading Causes of Animal Extinction

Marine Conservation, Global Warming, and the destruction of animal habitats is the leading cause of animal extinction. Three-quarters of our planet is covered by oceans, which means the ocean provides a home for millions of animal species.

As stated by the National Geographic Society, around 40% of our marine ecosystems have been damaged due to human pollution and an average of 13,000 pieces of plastic in every square kilometer of the ocean. Plastic waste is very problematic because it can take up to hundreds of years to decompose. Fish often get tangled in the debris, small organisms feed off of microplastic and many animals mistake plastic bags for food. Microplastics, toxic chemicals, get passed on by the food chain, which often leads to human consumption. We can limit pollution by limiting down our use of plastic bags, avoiding plastic products, and recycling properly. 

The ocean plans an important role when it comes to global warming because they absorb carbon dioxide and generate about half of all oxygen in the atmosphere. The surface layer of the ocean controls global temperatures by absorbing and distributing the heat reaching Earth from the sun. Currently, the oceans are unable to absorb the heat, which is causing the temperatures in the ocean to fluctuate (Darrah). The warmer our seas get the more ice melts, which leads to rising sea levels.

As stated in “Endangered Animals of the World,” animal habitats are meant to be undisturbed, but instead, they are being destroyed. For example, the amount of woodland around the world has been cut down to make room for the human population. Swamps, plains, and lakes continue to disappear because they are being utilized for human consumption and industrial development.

As stated in the “Impact of Habitat Loss on Species,” various animals over the centuries have gone extinct mainly due to the destruction of their habitat. Habitat destruction is identified as an 85% threat to all endangered and threatened species. We need to realize as individuals we are the main cause of animal extinction and if we want to put an end to it we need to act now. 

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