Being a leader is not easy. It takes drive, hard work, and perseverance. There are many challenges to being a leader, like making sure everyone’s voice is heard, and avoiding bias. King Arthur, from our summer reading, is an example of someone who faced these challenges of being a leader but then also having other difficulties with his knights. Being a good leader is an important life skill for anybody because it helps to understand the workings of people and what your true values are. Recently, leaders in society have a huge role, especially social media figures. Since people of almost all ages spend so much time on social media, there are many influencers that are being relied on by users for their opinions and their advocating for certain situations or in the opposite way. In a Forbes article it states, “At its most rational level, building work environments that embrace and encourage the differences among our people is a known performance booster, every leader’s top agenda item” (Barnett). King Arthur in the Once and Future King, creates his Knights of the Round Table which took specific thinking and building of the knights in a way that would help them all succeed. Including all is an essential key to success. Including all is not as easy as it seems however, as stated in the Center for Creative Leadership article, “The best leaders build trust with employees in order to delegate more effectively” describing the importance of working together to grow as a team, rather than the leadership just coming from one person. One of the most important keys to being a successful leader is self awareness. Everybody makes mistakes, but the leader still has to keep going and grow from these mistakes, which is most important. In the Center for Creative Leadership article, it states, “The better you understand yourself and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, the more effective you can be as a leader” portraying how self awareness is the best way to know your worth but also know your limits. King Arthur becomes aware of his major sin with Morgause, but he still has to continue to be leader, which is obviously hard. Arthur in this situation has to grow to strengthen himself after this let down. This is also why communication can come into play and become very important, which is stated in the Center for Creative Leadership article with, “And you must be able to listen to, and communicate with, a wide range of people across roles, geographies, social identities, and more” describing and reverting back to earlier points of including everybody and avoiding bias by listening and considering every persons’ points and ideas. Works Cited:
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