Leadership is a big part in many people's lives. Whether it be leadership within a career, a sport, politics, or life in general. Many people are more than capable of achieving good leadership by themselves, but sometimes it takes help from others to get to the desired leadership role. In The Once and Future King, Wart achieves his said leadership (as king) with the help of a magician, Merlin. Merlin teaches young Wart many lessons by turning Wart into different animals. The reason Merlin turned Wart into a variety of animals was to show him the importance of difference (problems, quality of life, etc.). Wart was then able to become King Arthur. Becoming a good leader is not easy. There are many different approaches to becoming a leader. Businessnewsdaily.com states, “To be an effective leader, you must understand your own motivations, strengths and weaknesses” (Businessnewsdaily.com How to be a good leader). Being completely and utterly honest with yourself is a big part of becoming a good leader. If you lie to yourself about who you are, it will hurt yourself, as well as the people who you are trying to lead. You need to be able to take any sort of criticism so that you are creating a safe and effective environment. Being personable is also an important factor of being a good leader. You will need to be able to talk to different personalities as well as make connections deeper than just being acquaintances in order to build trust and respect. Good leaders keep positive attitudes to ensure “their people” that everything is going smoothly and it will all be okay. No one likes to get ordered around by people with more authority than them, so leaders will have to find an alternate way to get things done. Having the ability to teach others around you rather than barking orders at people will not only make your job easier, but will also give confidence to others. Having the ability to encourage feedback as well as give feedback is a big part of leadership. If feedback is one sided, people will tend to become unhappy and not want to follow your lead. If you give feedback to someone, ask if they have any feedback for you to consider so no one thinks they are less than you. Leaders come in many different shapes, sizes, and situations. Many people think of leaders as a captain of a sports team or a boss, which is a good example of a leader, but not the only way you can be one. A leader is someone who is able to fuel their “team”. As a quarterback in football, “timing is everything-” (Kafka 4 leadership traits shared by successful quarterbacks and CEOS). Time management relates to leadership because of the role that they take on and then the roles that they give to others. It takes a lot of responsibility to be a leader, you are in charge of the people in your team as well as the outcome of whatever it is you’re doing. Good leaders know their competition, whether it be a certain deadline or a person(s).
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