Dear President,

Hello, My name is Isis  and there is a serious problem that we have in America. This problem I am referring to  is gun control and what the lack of it does to this nation.

The lack of gun control increases the amount of crime rates. Coming from a poor neighborhood in the streets of San Francisco regularly seeing young black men dead. Breaking news “Another black teen dead.” Breaking News. “Shooting leaves Two teens dead.” Money, guns, drugs, violence. The lack of money generates a hustle to sell drugs, the lack of respect generates the need for guns which increases gun violence and more violent crimes are likely to occur in my environment. Imagine seeing your childhood friend one night , hearing their voice, their laugh, seeing them smile. Waking up in the middle of the night to gun shots, hoping and praying that none of your loved ones have been hurt or injured. The next morning waking up to receive the news that the childhood friend that you just we were with the previous night has been shot and killed. How does this make you feel? Learning that you have lost another friend, a cousin, a sibling, etc. The question that I have is How does one of such a poor community have this much access to guns?

In recent news stories, I have heard about plenty of people who have been killed due to gun violence. Not only young African- American men and women but there has been a lot of men and women from different cultures, backgrounds, income levels, races all because of the viewpoint of one shooter.  This problem is affecting our nation left and right because we are losing some of the brightest people known to earth due to this unnecessary violence.  I believe that the world is losing young doctors, lawyers, dentists and electricians all because of their environment. From my neighborhood, I have seen almost 30 young lives taken over where they live or because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If there was control over guns then we would not have this problem. People would not have access to guns to kill one another. It would be peaceful. I understand this problem of keeping guns out of society may almost be impossible but the penalty for having a gun or finding a gun that is not registered should be high. There should be a pretty heavy consequence for guns that are used in homicides and found in possession of someone else and not the owner.

Guns cause a lot of heartbreak. They don’t help solve anything. Coming from San Francisco, California, I believe that it is one of the most dangerous cities in California as well as Oakland, California. Pointless gun usage is tearing multiple families apart. Another story I would like to share is that in 2013, my older cousin was gunned down and killed in broad daylight in San Francisco. He left behind kids and a grieving family. Something about a past can affect your future. I feel that guns that are used to protect such as military and some police weapons should be continued to be used as long as they are used for the benefit of the world and not misused. More than 66% of those who own guns use them for self-defense because they feel due to someone of a different race of a different background has the capability to harm them and that they need to be protected before they are harmed or feel harmed.  A portion of the  34% on the other hand, are misusing guns and that is something that is strongly affecting the nation. Most of them may not be misusing the guns but in  many cases, there is someone who ends up killing an innocent teen or an innocent man due to their skin color, gender, or sex. Guns are pretty much detrimental to this world. They increase the urge for many Americans to feel that they need to go out and get a gun in order to be safe. In my eyes, I believe guns are not needed to protect oneself in any case. I think there needs to be a higher administration over the purchase of guns and other weapons that are detrimental to society. 



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October 1, 2019 1:16 pm

I agree with you on how they aren’t needed to protect everyone, but also for some people thats all they think they can do to protect themselves. It is everyone’s second amendment right and they have the right for self defense. In my opinion, I think they need to regulate the gun purchasing and specific types of guns and big background checks. I can see why you don’t want guns and i appreciate that, sometimes I think we should just ban them. But if we ban them, people are still going to find a way to kill people and our second amendment goes away. This is a huge topic with many aspects and needs to get solved right away!

September 22, 2016 5:23 pm

I think gun control needs to be addressed because I don’t think just anyone should have a gun. There are little requirements for people to having a gun and that is bothering. That is why we are having all these shootings today in this world. I know some people don’t have a gun permit but they still have guns. So I am so confused on what to do. Should there be more requirements to get a run or should there very little gun requirements to have a gun?

July 13, 2016 5:24 pm

This is such a terrible and difficult issue, and I love that you shared such a personal story about how it is ruining so many lives, about how it is making us feel unsteady as a nation. Something needs to be done so I agree with you and your decision to write this because it’s hard to discuss something so awful.

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