For my first blog post, I talked about the lack of coverage for women in athletic activities and related it into our main topic of the year – single stories. I agree with everything that I said in that first post but with more research, I have come to learn more about the lack of coverage in sports for women. In an article written by Mariga Marig for the Medium website, she talks about women in sports and the issues on pay gap, media coverage and overall women representation in sports. In 2017, it was reported that about 90 percent of sport television hours were being devoted to only men’s sports as women’s sports were being viewed as less important or significant to the media. The only time women get to truly shine in their sport on T.V. is during the Olympics and that does not include all sports. Most stories that are relating to sports and women usually don’t include the highlight in their careers rather the issues going on with their bodies or anything else health related. Women are not getting enough time in the spotlight which can be considered the media. In 2017, “Bowdy explains that when Wimbledon first decided to offer equal prize money for both men and women, only 9 out of 44 sports emulated the same” ( This goes to show how women continue to be underplayed and underrepresented for the amount of work they go through. In my previous blog post, I related this situation to single stories and I believe that it still applies here. Women continue to become glued to this single story that they are not as good as men in sports and other activities. The issues with media coverage and pay attest to this fact. In conclusion, I believe that my other blog post goes very well with this one because it allowed me to further my understanding on this topic and look into more research. 

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“Women in Sports – Issues on Pay Gap, Media Coverage and Overall Women Representation in Sports .” Medium,

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January 22, 2021 5:16 pm


I really enjoyed reading your post! I liked how you described women’s presence in sports and their representation in broadcasted athletic events. I completely agree that women are constantly looked down upon or viewed in the wrong light when comes to coverage in sports. Women’s sports are clearly seen as less significant, despite putting in the same (if not more) work than their male counterparts. The thing you said that stood out to me the most was the statement “most stories that are relating to sports and women usually don’t include the highlight of their careers rather the issues going on with their bodies or anything else health related.” I believe that this statement is undeniably true; it seems no matter what, women are criticized for how they look, even if they are athletes, who are some of the fittest and strongest people (physically and mentally). I found your post to be absolutely intriguing, and I am looking forward to reading more of your works in the future!

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