Why do you think that central american food is being cooked by white chefs more without them having any relationship with it? Based on the research, Oakland ethnic food is more and more being cooked by white chefs without connection to the food, and this is bad because it makes the original food seem less important and less valuable. 

Firstly, if the chefs are white people then the original chefs might start to be valued as less. In the article, “cooking other peoples food:how Chefs Appropriate Bay Area ‘Ethnic’ Cuisine.” it illustrates.“why is it that these mostly white, “pedigreed” chefs attain such incredible fame and success when equally talented immigrant cooks might labor in obscurity for years? And what does it mean that food pundits are so quick to hail these chefs as authorities on their adopted cuisines?” ( Tsai). Las personas dicen que igual los inmigrantes que no tienen papeles son buenos en la cocina no solo se tienen que fijar si son blancos o no igual tienen el mismo valor. In an interview with Daisy Hernandez she stated, “When I go to get Pho most of the workers are Latinos but they won’t get the credit because people will just assume the chef is someone from that culture” (Daisy).This is an example how it is occuring with every restaurant and how the original chefs will start to valued as less because you know that the people that are supposed to be making that certain food is not and is someone from another race. En conclusión, las personas que compran comida en restaurantes que no son blancos siempre tenemos que soportar el buen trabajo que hacen todos los chefs, para que las personas no den por valorar menos y hacer pagar menos. 

Secondly, si los chefs cocinan la comida de otra cultura y no saben cómo hacerlo bien las personas pueden ver menos valiosa la comida original. En el artículo “When Chefs Become Famous Cooking Other Cultures’ Food” habla sobre unos chefs que si van hacer comida de otra cultura tienen que estar seguro que han trabajado mucho antes de empezar el negocio para que después no tenga complicaciones cuando esté en la cocina.”Creo que si eres chef o dueño de un restaurante, es justo decir que probablemente te dedicaste mucho a tu negocio y no quieres escucharlo cuando crees que la gente dice ‘no tienes permitido hacerlo ese’.”( Cheung).Si el chef ha estudiado desde muchos años la comida de la cultura que está cocinando no puede ser menos valiosa porque va saver como hacer bien la comida y no va tener problemas con los clientes que lo vayan a ofender o a faltarle el respeto y decirle cosas no buenas de la comida que cocina.“Como una vez fui a un restaurante hondureño y una mujer le preguntó a la que estaba cocinando de donde era y le dijo que era de méxico entonces la mujer se enojó y les dijo que ya no iba a comprar nada porque la que tenía que cocinar tenía que ser de la misma cultura de la comida, porque ella no iba saber muy bien que le iba faltar a la comida o un sabor de algo”.Este ejemplo que ella dio es importante porque está demostrando como la comida es menos importante cuando la que está cocinando no es de la misma cultura. Hay gente que se molestaria cuando saben que el cocinero no es de la misma cultura porque puede ser una ofensiva para ellos y pensaran que la comida no va saber lo mismo si fuera alguien que si viene de esa cultura y ha cocinado esos platillos por varios años.Las personas quieren que los chefs cocinan la comida que es de su cultura, a la gente que compra en restaurantes siempre ven si el chefs es de la misma cultura de lo que está cocinando. Cuando la gente ve que cualquier chef está cocinando cualquier comida de cualquier cultura hacen la comida original menos valorada.Los chefs blancos cocinan más la comida étnica y eso hace que la comida original sea menos valorada por las personas.The americans are stealing the traditions that aren’t theirs. And that makes the traditional food less original.Todas las personas tenemos que valorar lo que cocinan los chefs pero ellos tienen que estudiar bien la comida que van a cocinar si  no son de la misma cultura para que no tengan complicaciones y para que la comida original no sea valorada menos.

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May 15, 2020 11:46 pm

Hey Fanny,
I am Andrea, a student from San Jose State University, and I want to congratulate you on an important topic that is not often discussed. I am Central American, and I agree that ethnic food tastes better when the person making it has a connection to the food. I know how it feels to miss a part of your culture and crave the food, and for it not to taste how you expect it is disappointing. To a certain extent, it does lose value, but it is also a good idea to keep an open mind because anyone should be able to make the food they want. I know that many people work so hard to learn how to cook new dishes and should be appreciated. I do agree that may not be the same or hold the equal value, but sometimes you will be amazed by the quality of the dish. I also like how you shifted from English to Spanish; it was weird to read Spanish since I had not done it since high school.

May 3, 2020 6:48 am

Dear Fanny,
I am glad that you shared your post to talk about these issues. I totally agree with you because it is a big problem with cultural heritage. Sometimes food can represent a country, and the taste is very important to the people who miss their countries.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “how it is occuring with every restaurant and how the original chefs will start to valued as less because you know that the people that are supposed to be making that certain food is not and is someone from another race.” I think it is very meaningful to let people think about it. How important do you think that an original chef cook a certain food for customers? Some customers may not accept the taste, which cooked from an original chef, and they think the food is good and delicious for them even though the chef is not from that country.
It also reminds me of something that happened to me. I saw some chefs from a different race to cook Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant. It tasted good but it was not the original tastes that I wanted. Have you felt that before? I think you point out the issues very well.
In the article, I also notie that you use English and Spanish to write about this post. It’s amazing, which gives more chance for people to read about your post and share experiences with you. Thank you for sharing.

February 12, 2020 2:29 am

The fact that you can write this blog in two languages is amazing. I agree with you that food is definitely more authentic if prepared by people of that same culture that the food comes from. Thank you for being a proud bilingual scholar.

Monica Ramirez Rivas
Monica Ramirez Rivas
February 12, 2020 2:15 am

Fanny, I love how you made your point not only through the usage of your words and research, but also by incorporating your culture through the interweaving of English and Spanish. I think this is a great rebuttal to the opinions of some Americans: “Immigrants steal from them.” You could very well connect it to that; how white people also still from people of color/minorities. This blog post calls for people to stand up and claim their culture. Well done!

January 15, 2020 7:38 pm

Dear Fanny, I think your post was amazing because you clearly stated your opinion on this issue and I totally agree with you based on some things i’ve seen on my own. A line that stood out to me was “if the chefs are white people then the original chefs might start to be valued as less” because it clearly explains how maybe other people cook different and someone may dislike that food and think the same about everyones else way of cooking that certain food. I agree with you point because as I said i have had my own experiences and seen others too. Thanks for writing and keep up the good work!

January 10, 2020 9:24 pm

Fanny, I think you did a great job identifying an issue that isn’t talked about very much. It is important for people to realize that cuisine can be particular to a place and in a country like the US the perpetration of it can imply inaccuracy in process and result in discrediting of the “original” chefs or cooks. I appreciate the shift from English to Spanish in your articles, as it keeps it interesting and maintains the reader engaged.

January 10, 2020 7:27 pm

I understand what you are saying because I sometimes see people of other countries making completely different food. and it actually does tase different form those who are originally from that place. Your story is very interesting and I like how you shift from English to Spanish.

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