There’s nothing wrong with the football players kneeling down during the national anthem. They are not doing anything wrong. The football players as of Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions are protesting for a reason and it being about how they’re treated in the United States of America. People all around the world protest everyday because of a problem they’re enduring in their place they stay at. There’s no problem at all with what they’re doing. People are forgetting that protesting for what they believe in is not illegal. They also forgetting that many people don’t say the pledge of allegiance. Plus the pledge of allegiance is a big part of the  United States as the national anthem. People have to respect the football players call on the national anthem whether they like it or not. The football players won’t change their call until america take action on major problems that keep occurring nonstop with no care what so ever. I personally don’t sing the national anthem because of my religion as an Jehovah’s Witness. We as Jehovah’s Witnesses are not doing anything hurtful, it’s just part of our religion. In all, people should respect other people calls even if it bugs them. For decades people of all race been protesting in america. Why is it a problem now? In the article, Arian Foster, Marcus Peters among NFL players protesting during national anthem, Arian had something thoughtful to say. Arian Foster said, “ they are exercising the right.” To be completely honest Arian is right. The NFL players are enduring their right coming from the first commandment of the constitution. If people are upset by the protest, why have it in the first commandment in the first place? If people thought the NFl players were enough, think again. From the article, Tracking the Kaepernick Effect: The anthem protest are spreading, it had something interesting in it. The article followed up with, “ more athletes of all ages take a knee during the national anthem at sporting events, and there’s no indication they’ll stop anytime soon.” Another piece of interesting stuff was brought out in this article called, many young athletes joining Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. This article said, “ Michael Walker retweeted a picture of the protest and said he has gotten no negative feedback.” I find the protest no harm what so ever. The football players are not hurting no one physically, they not yelling or starting riots; they’re just being peaceful as the people did on bloody sunday. All they asking for is a change, that’s all. It’s not about one skin color, it’s all skin colors. A little change is all they ask for like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted in the sixties. Every athlete wants things to get better so that the future is not what it is now. They won’t stop till Donald Trump take serious action and stop thinking about himself all the time. Can peace happen? That’s what the athletes are trying to test even if it is putting their job or even life at risk.

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