Kids should be able to sleep late by Tatianna

March 5, 2020


Kids should be able to sleep late

Dear Early Birds,

I know everyone thinks school should start early. You know, the early bird gets the worm and all that stuff.

But you know what?

There is a lot to be said about getting enough sleep so you are ready to learn. I think kids should have the option to go to school later.

I feel like schools should have the option for later start days in the week. I know that knowing if I went to a school that had a late start day I’d want to go. I wouldn’t have to get up that early.

I know that I have a really hard time getting up in the morning. I never want to go to school. I think that if some schools had a late start day or an option to do online school kids would want to go. Even with kids that don’t like school.

I know that school is not my favorite thing in the world. I like how my school has said you have to be there before 12 so if I sleep in or I’m still tired I don’t have to go right at 8.

I think that most schools should have the chance to have a late start day or have an online program. I think in my opinion kids should have these options because I think that it could be better for kids who can’t always get to school on top of every day.

They should have these options to succeed in school even if they can’t get there every single day. If kids are falling behind I think this could be a great program for them to get caught up. In conclusion, I feel like schools should really have these programs for kids or something like that.

I know that the program at my school program is really helping. I know I didn’t want to come at first because I had to wake up at 8 but now that I know it is helping me succeed I want to come.

Having the option to work at a center and set my schedule is helping me finish my classes and be successful.

One of the late birds

Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors (Pixabay)