All the previous conspiracy “theories” we have looked at have been relatively mundane, believable, and plausible even. Today however we go into deeper waters and move from the wading pool we’ve dipped our feet into and nosedive into the deeper, darker, supernatural waters. Today we finally talk about one of the more laughed at and dismissed conspiracies: UFOS.

I have chosen the Kecksburg incident for a handful of reasons. 1 to this day almost 55 years after the event it still remains a mystery. 2 all of the provided explanations from the government and other organizations either contradict each other, or have been disproven. And 3 the mass amount of witness testimony, hundreds, even thousands of people saw this event transpire, and all will tell you that whatever the official explanation is, it’s a lie.

Image: Debunking Conspiracy Theories by kaffeeringe on 2013-05-09 11:02:57



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  1. Christian 1 year ago

    While I do think this is fake, the government responses have me thinking…

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