Katherine Johnson by Monica

August 26, 2021


Katherine Johnson

 In the article, “Katherine Johnson Dies at 101” (McGraw Hill)  She graduated at 14 years old from high School, at 18 years old she started working at NASA, becoming the first African American Women to attend graduate school at West Virginia University.  I learned that her nickname was “Human computer” . She hand-computed the first human spaceflight, the first American in space in 1961, the first moon landing.  Astronauts John Glenn  counted on her to double-check calculation before completing their mission.She hold her position in NASA from 1953  until her retirement  in 1986. Later she helped with the early development of the Space Shuttle program, even after her  retirement she worked on plans for the mission to Mars. She co-authored 26 scientific papers. Some of the awards and Accolades she won for having her story are, she was named Virginia State College Outstanding Alumnus  of the year. Later, in 2015 President Barack Obama awarded her the presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the nation’s Highest honor. 

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