Dear future president,

Racism around the world has become a huge problem.The way humans choose to separate people of their own kind because of their differences is idiotic. We are all the same under our skin, why should ones appearance be such an issue? There is no human with superpowers that is greater than all of us so why do we choose to discriminate others based on stereotypes, your skin color, or where you come from? As a Latina, I know the judgement Latinos face everyday. Whether in their neighborhood, at the grocery store, or at school, Latinos just as much as any other race go through some form of racism. I experienced racism when I was a little girl while accompanying my grandparents with their errands. During a stop at the bank they could not explain what they needed to be helped with, so the bank accountant called for a translator. It was a pretty long wait and a line was beginning to form and the man behind us was getting hesitant. He then muttered “ if you don’t learn english don’t stay in this country”. Hearing this and being young I felt hurt for my grandparents. I felt like I couldn’t stand up for them. I wasn’t able to comprehend why this guy was being rude until now that I’m older and I see the ugliness behind everyone. I hope you can be the change in this world by promoting peace within every community and by stopping police brutality and helping immigrants gain citizenship so we could have a chance to prove that we are all capable of success. By doing this you will be giving illegal immigrants a chance to an education and better paying jobs. This would be the moment Latinos would be able to get rid of the “Latinos are lazy” stereotypes.It will give immigrants the opportunity to be able to interact with everyone and not be afraid. By preventing police brutality, making new policies, and stricter rules for officers to follow you will prohibit races from hating each other and causing them to put the blame on one another. There are only a few policies that help prevent racism. One act, is the Unruh act. It prevents people from being denied of services because of their race,color, or sex. This act needs to be more enforced not only in California but in the entire USA. Having it be restricted to refuse services to people because of how they look will be a step into acceptance for close minded people. I hope you are the voice that gets across every single community and changes everyone’s perspective about one another. I hope you let it show that as humans we are supposed to stand with each other and not against.



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