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The interview took place in Pulse High School where i currently go to school at and will be graduating in June . A peer of ours shareef recorded the interview for us because its apart of our project for new media arts . Cristal was interviewing me about who is the most important person in my life . She is one of my peers who is also taking part in the project for new medias . “How to be responsible , how to be a man , how to take care of things that has to be taken care of , prioritizing your responsibilities” .

“How to be responsible , how to be a man , how to take care of things that has to be taken care of , prioritizing your responsibilities”

I said this after cristal asked me what advice did my grandmother give me . This was the most important advice in my life that my grandmother gave to me . These are the standards as a man i still hold myself to till this day . When i was younger i couldn’t really understand what it meant to be a man or be responsible . I didn’t realize how serious life is and how it isn’t something to play with . I never used to put my responsibilities first which led to me having to come to pulse and graduate late . As i got older these things really came to mind and how my grandmother told me that one day I will thank her for this advice . I was on the verge of not graduating , dropping out and then reality hit . My parents stopped supporting me I couldn’t get a job because I didn’t graduate and it hit me . I had to take care of responsibilities and graduate to put myself in a better position to support myself without much trouble . So these are the rules I live by everyday and will continue to live by responsibilities always come first .

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