What can you do to promote a positive identity?

What I can do to promote a positive identity is to be kind to others and call them by their names, and not just their race. Labels can hurt people. Hurting people is not promoting a positive identity. Let’s keep the labels away and promote a positive identity by referring people by their actual names. Labels shouldn’t make you think that someone is automatically “this” type of person. 

What can you do to discourage the promotion of stereotypes?

In my opinion, I think that some things you can do to discourage the promotion of stereotypes are to stop stereotyping people. Stop stereotyping people outside in the streets and thinking every person who lives in a bad neighborhood is “bad”. Stop thinking that every rich kid is “spoiled. Stop thinking every Asian knows “kung-fu” and etc. Stop putting these labels on people, especially on people you don’t know.



  1. Jack 2 months ago

    I think this is a really quality post, this reminds me of my experiences with being bullied in middle and elementary school. I think it is really important to help end bullying because of the negative impacts that it can have on people’s self esteem

  2. Graham 1 year ago

    Hey Erick,

    Thanks for the post. Bullying can really hurt and stereotyping is in that group. Sadly, not enough people speak up. Your post acts as a quick read to stop these terrible acts of aggression. Thanks again!

    Graham Hodell

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