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Just because I’m a complex maze without a center or exit 

Doesn’t mean I don’t cooperate, 

Doesn’t mean I can’t accept others,

Doesn’t mean I only care for myself.

Just because I’m a Gen-Z

Doesn’t mean my voice matters less than the majority,

Doesn’t mean you can ignore me like a broken seashell by the sea,

Doesn’t mean I will sit and let you run your mouth off.

Just because empathetic

Doesn’t mean you can play me like a game of Sorry,

Doesn’t mean you can run through me like the finish line in a track race,

Doesn’t mean you can hurt me.

Just because I’m a procrastinator 

Doesn’t mean I don’t get work done,

Doesn’t mean I’m a mindless, hopeless imbecile. 

Doesn’t mean I don’t understand urgency. 

Just because I look indifferent about others

Doesn’t mean I am not hurt by your judgment, 

Doesn’t mean I don’t know the pain of longing for warmth,

Doesn’t mean I can’t help someone when they’re down. 

I’m a complex maze without a center or exit… 

So why do people love to judge others and their lives based on one interaction?

Why do we tell people to be themselves when we can’t do it-

and end up judging them because we couldn’t be vulnerable?

Why are we such hypocrites, two-timing, two-faced creatures?

We’re all complex people in distinctive and unique ways

So can you please stop this maddening charade?

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