Hey everyone! I am a junior at Judge Memorial High school. When I was young, I was super shy and didn’t want anything to do with the camera, but now everything has changed. After the New Media teacher at our school emailed me, expressing his interest that I take the class, I realized my passion for journalism.  I love filming, talking in front of others, and being on camera, and I think it is very important that our generation has their voices heard by others. Exploring new topics and researching stories to commentate on, are some of the things that I get the most joy out of, but most importantly I want to make a difference in the world with what I have to say. 

I really enjoy talking in front of others, which came with a lot of practice and school presentations. During middle school, I often had to get up in front of the class and explain a project or read a story that I had written, which greatly increased my aptitude for public speaking. It was no longer something scary, but something that I really enjoyed because I was able to express my ideas and opinions. In journalism, I use my speaking skills during an interview when I am on camera, or when interviewing others, in order to come across in the best way possible.

If I could interview anybody about anything, I would want to interview a professional Olympic athlete. I love playing sports, and it constantly intrigues me to see the drive within a person to reach an Olympic level. They sacrifice so much for one sport, and I would be curious to interview and ask them what made them so passionate. Why didn’t they give up? Why did they keep going when their bodies were miserable? How did they make friends or get through school spending so much of their focus on one sport? One of my favorite projects that I have done was an interview about teen vaping for NewsHour. I answered their questions, with the help of the awesome crew at my school, and I was fortunate enough to briefly showcased in their feature. At school, I have filmed and produced many interviews with teachers and students. I love asking people questions, and I get more enjoyment out of what they have to say. It’s always important to look at other perspectives and get different opinions from others about an issue.  In the future, I will be producing media about women doctors at the University of Utah. I don’t think women get enough representation, especially in the medical field, so I want to interview them and allow them to share a different perspective about medicine, as a woman. 


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