Judged because of our skin by Niazia

February 24, 2022


Judged because of our skin

Brad Girson, Executive Director 

Atlantic Ventures

The Atlantic

ATTN: Hayley Romer

60 Madison Avenue

6th Floor: The Atlantic

New York, NY 10010

My poem β€œ Judged because of our skin β€œ is based on segregation and inspired by The HBO watchmen sponsored partnership production , The Massacre of Black Wall Street. I’m sharing some of what I know about segregation with you to maybe  inspire  you . Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚ 

Dear executive director , 

Judged because of our skin ,

You took up your seat to allow others to see ,

There is no future for inequality ,

Why should one race stand ,

Leading without democracy ,

Color must never determine fate ,

As ultimately we all,

Belong to one , great big one race ,

A seat , restaurant , water fountain ,

 Doesn’t actually matter ,

As long as it provides a place 

Connecting us all to our earthly base .

Never should our buildings be burned down

Because you hate how we have our black owned businesses,

We all have the humanly right to live,

But you don’t believe that so you give us sentences , 

Those 9 thousand people all deserved a place to stay , 

But because all you seen was a place full of undeserving colored people , 

They couldn’t enjoy their lives and their hopes and dreams have gone away .