I want you to remember this “thing” that we could never put a  
Name on was going to hurt someone and i guess that       
someone may have been me did you think this was a game  
was a game ? 
A game where we read each other’s mind ?
A game where u can’t open up?
A game where I wish we could both open up?  
A game I thought was a game of love but was I wrong ?
A game I thought was safe for us 
A game I thought would never end 

No, let me rephrase that!
I think we both thought this was a game.  
A game that was played for too long now.
We think and say “no feelings involved” but guess what?
I think there were!
We started off trying to fix something that was once broken
Is that really what was going on?
You ever wonder What’s changed?
Because I have. 

I think we didn’t know what we wanted. 
I felt  there will always be someone else someone better.
I think their will always be secrets, miscommunication,
and just something missing.
But is that really a good reason to just give up?
I don't think so. Therefore, I will fight and I will fight
till you truly understand why this game wasnt fun 

We think cutting someone out of our life
with a block button or in person will solve our problems.
We remove  people from our life with the words we use.  

I hate that I love u but at the same time I love that I hate u. 

I thought we could’ve been something
but that something eventually turned into nothing
and all the time we put into this game was for nothing.
Now, well, I guess the jokes on me
‘cause this had to come to an end sooner or later. 
Everything does. we can’t and shouldn’t feel hurt
because remember this was a game from the start
which turned into a joke
Because we both fooled ourselves! ... ❤
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