Jerson was born in the USA and is an 8 years old boy. He is the youngest of three children, Maria who is 22 and Rosa 17 years old. Both parents are fluent in Spanish but not in English. Jerson speaks very limited Spanish as well as his younger sister Rosa. He resides in a community of predominantly minority families in the area of Morris Heights, Bronx New York School District 09. He attends a Charter school in Bronx County in a third-grade class of 21 students. He is very clean and organized, and always comes to school prepared with all materials and use the school uniform. He comes to school with her mother most of the time and other times his aunt brings. Jerson shows aggressive behavior with her and his sisters when he does not get what he wants.  Mom is the main source of discipline for him since the father is absent.  Father is not very supportive in matters dealing with discipline. Jerson only listens to his father, but he does not live in the house. When Jerson gets upset, he gets calmed when his father is called and treats him with ice-cream or candies.

Describing the Child

Jason is about 89 lb. and is 4 feet tall. When he gets angry he begins to stomp his feet on the floor, screams very loud and throws himself on the floor. He shows poor gross motor skills as he walks. He shows speech problems when speaking because he chunks words to speak and sometimes gets frustrated because others do not understand what he says.  He gets along well with his father and acts very immature when spending time with him. He uses baby talk when talking to his father. His social skills are very low when working in groups. He wants to be the leader and would not allow receiving orders from other students in the group. When the teacher tries to assist him, he begins to do the work by himself. He is curious about events that take place in the classroom and is aware of any incident.

Relationships with Children and Adults:

Jerson does not get along with female teachers well, but shows respect to his father. When he gets angry and begins to cry, he runs to the desk of a security named Tony. During the meeting, I have noticed that he shows very little respect to his mother and other adults besides his father. He fights with his friends when playing in the gym or in the yard when he cannot play the ball. He enjoys playing with his friends but does not accept losing. Jerson enjoys playing basketball and playing games on the computer. He rides his bicycle in the park alone.

Formal Learning:

Jerson’s strong subjects are math, technology, and reading. He enjoys reading aloud to younger students when he is visiting another class. He feels pleased every-time he gets a high mark, especially on a math test and gets frustrated and uncontrollable when he gets a low score. Jason loves learning math, reading and technology, but gets frustrated during science, social studies, or working in a group. He does not participate in group work and prefers to do his work independently. When the teacher is delivering instruction he begins to rip pages from his notebook to create paper planes and throws them around the room and blames other children. He throws food around and to other students in the cafeteria, but he denies it and blames other students.

Strengths and Vulnerabilities:

Jerson enjoys playing games so that he can be a winner. He enjoys getting rewarded for tasks he completes. One of his academic strengths is mathematical computations, but he also enjoys reading easy books about heroes’ stories.  He feels very comfortable and happy when he works with younger children. He can spend a long time in front of a computer playing video games. He does not like tasks that require guidance from an adult or when he has to report to an authority.  He likes basketball but can’t move as fast as the game requires and gets angry when loses the game. He would not play basketball with children of his age, but prefers to play with younger ones.

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