Jared’s shadowbox by Jared

October 4, 2017


Jared’s shadowbox

This is me

Jared Hernandez


This shadow box represents that I’m from Oakland, Latino, male, and a soccer player. A dominant narrative is that because I’m Latino I have to play soccer and no other sport. When people see me they think that I am a soccer player because of the color of my skin. When people see me they think that I am a gang member or a criminal because I am from Oakland. I put Raider Nation because it represents that I am from Oakland and that I´m proud to represent Oakland. I also put pictures of soccer because I love to play soccer and it´s my favorite sport. A counter narrative is that I don´t have to be Latino in order to play soccer I can be any race. Also that because I am male I have to be strong and not cry but that’s not true I choose to be and act the way I want.