Jane Eyre’s Influence on my Story by Katie

February 26, 2021


Jane Eyre’s Influence on my Story

Reading chapter one of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë has allowed me to begin exploring ideas of what I want to focus writing about. I learned that a 10-year-old child Jane is abused, excluded, and treated in a condescending manner by her tyrannical family. After reading this, I thought that my short story or poem could contain some of these elements. My story could be told from an adult’s perspective who has grown up and overcome the bullying and abuse she went through as a child. Maybe my piece of writing could follow a timeline of this woman’s life, beginning as an innocent child and traveling through her tough life into adulthood. In the end, the woman would reveal how she persevered and discovered good in the world. I think it may be interesting and encouraging to write about a dynamic person in order to demonstrate how it is possible to discover the positive aspects in a life that is seemingly overwhelmed with negativity.