Find a girl and look at her, make a list of assumptions you have about her. Do you think she wears makeup? Maybe you think she wants a husband and a few kids. You might have had the thought that she likes all the attention that guys may give her. Did you think of the possibility that looks can be deceiving? If a girl looked a certain way but acted differently than you thought, she would be called many things. She would be called a slut for wearing that low neckline. A bitch for not agreeing with you or saying no to you.  

Women experience a very different life because of how most men think. I, as a woman, must think about the possible consequences of wearing a pair of leggings, or shorts. “Will I get cat-called?” I’ve just learned to deal with the remarks I get. The small winks and whistles I tune out, now. It’s not as bad as what some women go through. At least I don’t always carry pepper spray in my purse or engage in self-defense classes to be able to protect myself if someone were to attack me. In fact, 73% of women (out of 1800 interviewed) said that they always have some form of self-defense with them. The distress which gave us the name “Damsels in Distress” is caused by men. These issues can also be present in highschool and in other schools.  

Someone asked me what superpower I would want to have. I said that I wanted the strength to flip a grown man over. My reasoning? So that if I was in danger, I could easily fight him and get away safely. 

Teenage girls are probably at the highest risk for being discriminated against. I, myself, have been a victim of it. I was told that as a girl, my opinions were invalid. I’ve been told that I am too small and fragile to do anything right. That I’m just on “that time of the month” when I’m mad or sad. In gym class last year, we had a girls vs. guys volleyball game. One of the guys on the opposing team said to me, “Look at you! Too little and too fragile to do anything right! Just walk off the court now, you’ll only bring your team down more than they already are!” I was so mad. His anger is what fueled the power in my hand to hit him in the nose with the ball hard enough that he had to sit out for the rest of the day. That felt good.

 I’m not the only one who is affected, the whole population of girls at schools are discriminated against. That’s what dress code does. “Cover your shoulders!” You think my shoulders are distracting? A guy last year told me that by me putting my hair in a ponytail caused him to not be able to get his work done in class. Dress codes basically favor male education, so we may as well have one gender schools! Gym classes are the best example of girls being discriminated because of dress code. Girls must wear over-sized and baggy shirts and shorts during their gym classes. Oh, and the boys? They’re in their normal school clothes! Some are even shirtless during gym class! Shirtless! Yet I was told to pull my shorts down more.  

You wouldn’t tell your mom that her shirt made her look like a slut, would you? Would you call her a whore or a bitch? No… you wouldn’t.  

Stereotypes are also discriminating. Why does it bother some men so much that a girl’s favorite color isn’t pink or purple? Why is it so bad that a girl doesn’t want to have sex and have a boyfriend? The world a girl may face in her life is one of constant fighting, worrying, and inequality.  

Men get mad, women just “overreact”. Men get to wear whatever they want, but women have to spend a lot of time finding clothes are “in dress code” or won’t get them called sluts.  

However, times are changing. I hope you and your boys will be ready for the new world. The new world where women, yes women, are the world leaders and superiors. That day is coming, and it is coming sooner than you think. Shocking… 

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Photo by geralt (Pixabay)

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April 3, 2020 7:33 pm

I completely agree with your points but no longer do I think about these instances. It has become second nature to me. For example when I wear “revealing” clothes I feel like Im just bound to feel uncomfortable around old me. This is something that should change. Thanks for your insight!

March 12, 2020 6:16 am

This is the first Im hearing of boys being allowed to go shirtless in gym class. Every school I’ve been to, the boys have worn baggy shorts too, and girls could were leggings. Interesting how different places give people different experiences.

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