It Was Fun by Kassandra

November 29, 2018


It Was Fun

This poem is about my mothers home town, La Ruana. The first part of this are fun memories I had when I was last there. I hope you enjoy this poem, It Was Fun:


6 years old

Love and fun

That small little town

Carried so much fun

You didn’t need a phone or a TV

The fun was everywhere and anywhere you can see

I remember

Splash Splash

Oh, the waterpark

And being with family

It was fun

9 years old

“We can’t go there anytime soon”

My mom said

“It’s too dangerous to go and visit”

She’d tell me the horrible stories

Of all the violence and horror

It would scare me

I’d be scared for my family

And pray that they’re okey

Then I started to wonder

If the the death was worth it

If the violence was worth it

And I wondered

Why their actions went by without any punishments

Why are they so violent?

All these questions with no answers

I didn’t understand

But I do understand that sooner or later

One day

I will be with my family again

And I will be able to go visit

And have fun again


Like the good old days