Some people think historic buildings stand in the way of progress. Historic buildings have been standing for years, and these buildings are unsafe if we do not fix them. These old buildings need to be repaired every year. Some people believe the money we spend on fixing old buildings is a waste of resources. However, other people think it is a crime to demolish the old buildings. Old buildings are treasures for us; these buildings tell us the history of time past.

Since the population is growing, we need more space. Some people may ask, “If we do not break down the old buildings and build new ones, then where can we put these people?” But, this depends on the value of what historic buildings bring to us. I think some buildings can help people recall memories of important figures or events, or the buildings have some special or financial value. For these reasons, these buildings should be protected. Buildings can be demolished if there are only a few people who remember them.

Some historic buildings like the pyramid can be used for tourism and help the local economy. The pyramids were built in ancient times and there are a lot of stories about them. Many people would like to visit the pyramids in Egypt. First, tourists buy tickets when they arrive. The money tourists pay to buy tickets is more than the cost of fixing pyramids. Second, tourism creates jobs. For example, tourists need guides. Third, tourism stimulates the development of infrastructure. If there are more people visiting the pyramids, there may be traffic congestion. Of course, the government wants to avoid congestion; as a result, they will improve the public transportation and build more roads. The government will also build better hotels and more parks to support tourism and make the city look nice.

Some historic buildings are the houses of historical figures. People visit these buildings because it is important to respect Chinese culture and Chinese manners. People in China may go to Confucius’s house. Throughout history, Confucius has been widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals who has affected millions of human lives. His teaching and philosophy greatly impacted people around the world and still linger in today’s society( His ideas are still important for Chinese people; schools teach his ideas. Many Chinese people visit his house to respect him and honor Chinese good manners.

Visiting historic buildings is a good way to learn history. For example, The Palace Museum was built hundreds of years ago. From The Palace Museum, we can learn about fashion, architecture, and people’s favorite animals from hundreds of years ago. These historic buildings will be a better way for us to learn history. We can stand here, see it, even touch it. Hundreds of years ago, people stood on the building ground; people still stand on this ground. Time has passed, but the building is still here. Historic buildings provide a physical link to our past.

Historic buildings are vitally important for us. These assets need protection. We cannot afford to lose the physical materials and ideas which stand for our past.

Photo by Kabacchi

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