There are countless issues that the next president has to deal with. So many that I actually pity the president! Although I can discuss all these various issues, I would like to focus on one that will make a huge impact on the future. Global Warming. If we think about it, all the decisions and battles we are fighting right now is to make a world a better place for the generations ahead of us. But the main concern is, will all this matter if the earth doesn’t exist anymore?

We were fortunate enough that President Obama and the First Lady gave appropriate attention to this major issue, but this trend also has to continue with the next president. Yes, there are so many environmental programs out there that are striving to make a change, but ultimately, the president will make the biggest difference. If we were to propose drastically changing laws to better the environment, the president  has the power to veto the bill. Therefore, our proposals would be pretty hopeless.

The next president’s environmental views have to be positive ones and they have to be interested in actually making a change. Taking a look at the article linked below, it compares Trump’s and Clinton’s views on the environment. Their views are completely opposite. Inferring from her answers to environmental questions, it seems like Hillary is aware of the growing concerns environmentalists have. On the other hand, the article states that Trump thinks global warming is a complete “hoax”.

Whoever ends up becoming the next president, I hope that they will pay some major concern to our planet!

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April 12, 2017 5:20 pm

I agree with your stance this has to be an issue that everyone cares about. Our enviroment isn’t something that can be solved in four years but will take a long period of time.

September 27, 2016 2:33 am

Hey Lauren! I agree, we were pretty lucky that our previous president cared as much as he did about the environment, but even that isn’t enough if the next president ignores it. There do need to be lasting efforts towards its preservation, since it’s an issue that effects all of us.

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