This is an animation created using Scratch. This story is about a cat and a penguin stranded on an island.


Sample of some Scratch code:



Backdrop: Dark, stormy, snowy weather, Setting: Helicopter over the Bermuda Triangle at night. The helicopter shakes mildly, sometimes violently

Penguin (Pengu): Are you sure we should be flying over the Bermuda Triangle, at night, and in a snow and lightning storm?

Cat (Curio): Sure, of course! As long as someone else is driving, we’re totally safe… I can’t wait to get to China!

[There is a pause, lightning strike, and the helicopter shakes violently]

Pengu: We’re gonna crash! Aaah!

Curio simultaneously: Aaah-Oh…At least I have eight more lives…

[Screen slowly whitens and reveals a beach backdrop, with both Pengu and Curio lying together.]

Pengu: I-I am alive?

Curio: Of course, why not? Think positive. I lost a life, but I’m otherwise unhurt. You on the other hand, landed on ME, killing me and saving YOU.

Pengu: Now what?? We’re stuck here forever! And our pilot’s nowhere to be found!

Curio: Go on and complain, I’ll go look around in the island we’re on and take note of our surroundings.

Pengu thinks: I won’t be surprised if he lose a few more lives. After all, he is very curious. And as always, curiosity kills the cat.

[Curio the cat walks towards the camera and to the left Scene changes (Cove of Coconut Trees) and Act 2 begins]

Curio: Hmm… where can I find some food?

[Curio the cat leans down and picks up some coconuts)

Curio: These are so heavy! Better bring them back to show Pengu.

[Curio walks slowly back to Pengu, (Backdrop changes to afternoon backdrop) who is sitting there glumly]

Curio: I found some coconuts! Want some?

Pengu: No.

Curio: Why not?

Pengu: You can’t open them.

Curio: Of course you can.

[Curio smashes the coconut in the sand a few times. Nothing happens]

Pengu: Told you.

Curio: Don’t be so pessimistic, we’ll find a way.

[Curio walks over to a rock while Pengu watches. Curio smashes the coconut and water pours out]

Oooh! Water and Coconut meat! Never tried this before!

[Curio starts eating and drinking, and Pengu walks over]

Pengu: Hey, umm, I know I was being bad, but… can I have some please?

Curion: Of course! My pleasure!

[Curio smashes another coconut and gives it to Pengu]

Pengu: Mmm… thanks

Curio: You’re welcome.

Curio: We better sleep. It’s getting dark.

Pengu: Yeah.

Curio: Do you think sand is soft enough?

Pengu: Sure. I’m tired. We’ll find proper beds later.

[Both lie down and backdrop changes to night. Screen darkens, then backdrop becomes day Curio wakes up and wakes Pengu in turn]

Curio: Good morning!

Pengu: Mhm…

Curio: Time to go exploring!

Pengu: Go yourself. I’m going to sleep again.

Curio: Are you sure?

Pengu: YES!

Curio: okay.

[Curio walks into the jungle]

Curio: Oooh! Cool! (Flips around a few times)

[Walks over to tree and shakes it. Avocados fall]

Curio: Avocados! My favorite fruit!

[Growling and screeching is heard]

Curio: Uh Oh!

[Act 2 ends and Act 3 begins]

[Backdrop switches to the beach, where Pengu is thinking thoughtfully. Three pieces of driftwood have washed up]

Pengu: I’m starting to admire this island. Maybe this curiosity is good after all!

[Curio comes running out of the jungle, followed by monkeys]

Curio: P-Pengu, th-the there are rabid monkeys chasing us!

Pengu (thinking): Guess curiosity is not that good after all.

Curio: We need to defend ourselves! Grab those pieces of driftwood!

[Curio and Pengu face away from the camera as two monkeys approach. Using their driftwood, they block the attacks]

[A bird comes by and attacks a small crab and eats it]


[Curio turns around with an evil face and and grabs the bird, who tries to fly away, but falls in the ocean with Curio. Pengu is still trying to defend himself]

Pengu: Traitor! Nooo! Help!

[As Curio and the bird fall in the ocean, a shark swallows them up]

Pengu: that serves him right!

[Curio is eaten seven more times]

Pengu: Annnd… all his lives are gone.

[Overhead, a military helicopter comes over and shoots the monkeys, drops down a safety ladder, and Pengu is rescued]

[The helicopter flys over the ocean in a sunset]

Pengu: Goodbye island! Goodbye a traitor of a friend! Off to China good sirs! Off to China!



Act 1:


Act 2:


Act 3:


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