Is Your Cellphone Draining Your Intelligence? by Yamile

September 14, 2020


Is Your Cellphone Draining Your Intelligence?

In the article, “Are smartphones Making Us Stupid?” there’s a debate between two technology experts Andrew Keen and David Weinberger based on how phones have affected us. Mr. Keen believes that smartphones are making us stupid because most of us don’t use them smartly. We have technology on our hands but don’t use it for learning purposes instead invest our time on social media tweeting about our lives. On the other hand, Mr. Weinberger believes that cellphones don’t make us stupid as they have made a great impact on society.  “Never in history have we had so much access to ideas, information, and creativity.” Having the access to our cell phones allows us to learn more information surfing through the web and communicating with others as we gain new ideas. 

 Personally I think cellphones are a big distraction as sometimes we are connected more to our electronics than the real world around us. This has led to less social human interaction because we can now communicate with others through our phones whether it’s from social media or a text message. I think I can live without my phone because I just use it for entertainment purposes, but it’s important to have in case of an emergency. Although there are other people that rely on their phones at all times, and in some cases, it’s even an addiction. 

Do you think we should limit ourselves from our cell phones?