Is Video Games a Sport? by Heidi

May 12, 2021


Is Video Games a Sport?

In the article “IS Video Games a Sport” is about two intellectual, MASON MULLENIOUX and ALEXANDRA COATES, giving the opinion-whether or not video games is a sport or not.

The gaming world has grown drastically with fans and also grabbing people’s attention. There is even a League of champion of World Champions which is gamers competing to see who is the greatest of them all. Mullenix says gaming is a sport because he states that gamers use the same skills such as strategic thinking and reflexes as athletes who play traditional sports. Gamers also get sponsorships and get scholarships from schools like athletes who play traditional sports. On the other hand, Coates claims that it is not a sport because it is not a physical sport. She says that sports strengthen your muscles and keeps you healthy while gaming does not. She sees gaming as a hobby and not as a sport.

I think that gaming is a sport to me because not everyone can do it. Also you would have to practice to get better at it like traditional sports. If you think that gaming is not a sport then, high school cheerleading is not a sport since they do not compete or do any physical activity. In the gaming world there are championships and tournaments so to me it is a sport. Do you think that video games is a sport?