Global warming has been standing over our shoulders for the past decade and beyond and it never seems to go away. Several studies have been made, many of which telling us certain things, but they all fortell the same future, the possibility of Earth being uninhabitable in the coming decades. I for one love my life and do not want to as a species that is at threat of an end. I want to be more aware of what I can do and pass on the information I learn to others so that this can be put to an end once and for all.

There has been a misunderstanding of whether what is currently happening on our planet is climate change or global warming, as people have been using both terms interchangeably. Global warming is defined as the idea that the average temperatures across the globe are rising, however people don’t take into consideration that we are also experiencing record low temperatures as well. The term climate change became more popular in the 2000’s as we noticed colder winter and more violent storms. According to Mike Hulme, “Climate change is a more accurate description of what is happening in the world”. At the end of the day however, it doesn’t matter which word is used to describe what is happening as they both have accuracy to them.

Another study shows that both terms while true spark different emotions and humans and imply different levels of urgency. The science community prefers the term climate change as it better encompasses the whole picture of what is happening. However other believe that global warming is the better term and it implies a higher level of urgency and get people worried and want to take action to prevent it.

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