Throughout the years, there have been many executions on Death Row. Some believe that the act is the best form of punishment, however, it can also depend on the seriousness of the crime. A lot of the time, the trial is unfair and it leaves unfinished justice to the individual convicted. With the lack of legal representation, it often leads to bigger and more serious consequences than the crime itself. The ones on the other side of the crime would say that it is the best consummation for what the convicted is accused of. The people against it believe that it is highly immoral and it is a permanent solution to a unsolved problem.-

While researching the matter, one can look at it from two vastly different perspectives. First, there is the viewpoint of the one who is being convicted. Taking into account of their actions and the severity of the crime, one can ask important questions on why others believe that the death penalty is the most logical form of punishment to the individual convicted. Should we keep them in prison so they can pay for their actions in a eternity of it? However, the death penalty is expensive. Therefore, what are the measures that need to be addressed when considering the final sentence for the accused? If they are guilty of the crime, is it cheaper to have life in prison, or put them on death row while more information is processed? Should The Criminal Justice System take immediate action and execute them? Regarding both sides, it is hard for them to see eye to eye because there is the overarching idea of human morality.


As I look through the different standpoints regarding the death penalty, I do not know where I stand. With that, I want dive deeper into my understanding of what it is. My main question however, regards the death penalty as a whole. What makes human beings decide what is moral and what is not? In many cases, it becomes extremely complicated because there are times when a prisoner is wrongfully accused, and eventually sent to death row which later causes further complications. The act is irreversible, and this is an impending factor on The Criminal Justice System. According to writers on, some argue that the death penalty is the only proper response to a heinous crime and it is truly the best form of punishment. Other people would argue that that the act has the potential to accidentally execute and individual deemed innocent. Taking into the fact that almost all of the individuals put on death row are there because they committed an ungodly crime, we still have to understand that mistakes can happen, and they are irreversible.


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Jacob Richardson
December 7, 2018 4:53 pm

Hey Bella, I really liked your piece about the death penalty. I thought you did a really good job of showing both points without showing a certain bias toward either of them. Also I liked how you asked the question, “What makes human beings decided what is moral and what is not?”. It makes the reader think and I liked that. Overall I thought the piece was well written.

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