Is the Core i3 Processor really out of date? by Alex M

October 19, 2021


Is the Core i3 Processor really out of date?

The Core i3 CPU Processor is out of date.  When you are looking for a laptop I would recommend looking for any other processor.  Unless you need a quick-buy laptop for a year’s worth of work it will do you little to no good.  The processor will start to show its wear and age very quickly.  Roughly after two years, you will need another laptop or a replacement CPU.  

While the Core i3 CPU is good, its time and usability are short-lived.  You may argue that it is good from a cost standpoint.  I would say yes, yes it is.  For two hundred dollars for a laptop with an i3, it’s not horrible.  But if you plan to do anything super-advanced with it you are better off upgrading.  It is possible to multitask because the CPU has hyperthreading.  This means that the computer recognizes the processor as having one or more cores instead of just the one or two it already has.   “Hyper-Threading allows a single physical core to perform as two logical cores.” (Newegg Business)

I can tell you from personal experience, that I have used and am currently using a Core i3 CPU and it is very much out of date.  I have been able to push it to its fourth year of use and it is beyond time for me to get a new CPU.  It is consistently slow right from the start-up of the computer to using and running Chrome.  Now, if you plan on gaming with it.  You will be required to play lower-level games.  You will not get anywhere close to running any triple-A titles.  In my experience, I could barely squeeze 60 frames out of Roblox.  Which is not a big or intense game by any means.