Computers and technology are advancing at a fast rate which is helping improve many aspects of our society and systems. For example, medicine and communication. While they have had good benefits for society, they have had negative effects on our mental health and among other things. I think that society has improved a lot because of these technologies. As an example, medicines have been developed to treat transmissible diseases and we are able to use automation/machines to do pesky tasks that most people don’t want to do. It is also very useful for completing complex tasks that may take hours. Technology has helped us accomplish so many things that were previously thought impossible. We have been able to land a man on the moon, reach other planets with robots, and learn about the mysteries of space through technology. 

Without technology, many of us would be stuck in a more primal world where easily treated diseases would be killing us and we would not be able to communicate with others around the globe. “Over the years cell phones evolved from heavy, clunky devices to flip phones to trendy Blackberries to the modern-day domination of iPhones and have replaced the need for many different devices and gadgets.” An opposing viewpoint to developing the technology further would be that we are going too fast and if we advance AI or other machines then it could result in unemployment rising and AI ridding of us. AI could end up becoming smarter than us but they usually have no moral code so they could accomplish a task through a morally wrong means. It is a reasonable concern but if we keep track of our advancements and stay cautious then we can take precautions. In conclusion, I think technology has made our lives easier and more entertaining but it does have cons that could make you oppose the growth of technology. If we want to advance humanity and society, technology will help us grow. 
There are many emerging technologies that are changing how our world functions. For example, artificial intelligence is being incorporated into a variety of areas and systems to help humans prepare for problems or deal with complications as they came along. We can add on our own skills and increase productivity through artificial intelligence. These emerging technologies will have an impact on many things like our workforce. Companies are able to have peak productivity while having fewer employees because of technology substituting for labor. Technology is creating jobs while also destroying them. It is allowing average people to not be able to do the tasks that are minuscule to other people. “In a number of fields, technology is substituting for labor, and this has dramatic consequences for middle-class jobs and incomes.” There are still jobs that require social interaction and emotional attachment so robots and artificial technology will not take over everything. In conclusion, technology is beneficial for humans and society. Even with its negative effects, it has helped society progress to a more advanced level where we can accomplish tasks and problems with ease. It has improved the quality of life, medicine, communication, and entertainment. It has changed our lives forever and will allow us to expand on what we think is possible.

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February 10, 2022 10:01 pm

Dear Isaiah,
I am intrigued by your post, “Is Technology harmful or beneficial?”, because It’s very informative of how far we have accomplished with technology. It’s crazy to think about how much can be done in a matter of seconds with such ease.
One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “In a number of fields, technology is substituting for labor, and this has dramatic consequences for middle-class jobs and incomes”. I think this is the main problem that can come with technology, many people no longer have jobs because they are replaced.
Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I find this topic very intriguing of the consequences yet benefits of some things.

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