Storytelling (in a straightforward sense) was once important to humans. We used storytelling to connect, entertain and pass along information all the way from 15,000 B.C.. Now, storytelling isn’t used to sit down and tell a story by heart, say, like the Native American’s would do around a fire when passing down traditions to their younger generations. Now, storytelling is primarily useful for TV shows or movies, or at least, that is where we see storytelling most of the time. I won’t forget books, as those are also important for storytelling, but in today’s world, you won’t see younger generations reading as often as the older generations used to.

The first step to good storytelling is who you’re marketing to, “who are you speaking to?” Nowadays, everyone is watching TV shows and movies, so most storytellers focus on cinematic storytelling. The audience can easily be found through the type of storytelling, and most of the audience storytellers focus on are younger people, millennials and Gen-Z, who will watch TV shows and movies more often. There’ll be an occasional Baby Boomer and Gen-X who will want to watch as well, storytellers haven’t forgotten about those generations too.

 Although, Baby Boomers and Gen-X tend to have different ways of storytelling because storytelling is a way to synchronize with one another. They’ll use their power of storytelling through books and poetry, music even, most of what I’ve heard was oral storytelling, based around their childhood and how younger generations should be ‘working harder.’ “We have been telling stories for so many years that it has become ingrained in our DNA.” This shows that storytelling is still important, it still is a part of everyone’s lives, no matter how it’s presented to us. Storytelling may not be bedtime stories to you but it could be someone’s passion to write children’s books full of bedtime stories.

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