Is Music Good or Bad While You Study? by Carter

January 27, 2020


Is Music Good or Bad While You Study?

There has been a lot of controversy about whether students should listen to music while they study. Some believe that it is detrimental to learning, and others believe that it helps students learn and memorize better. While looking at the studies that have been done I have found good things and bad things about listening to music while studying. Some of the good things is that music is soothing and relaxing, so it helps with relieving stress and anxiety while studying. Also, background music may improve the focus on a task because it is providing a mood and motivation for long time study sessions, aiding endurance. Also, students have found that it helps with memorization because it creates a positive mood and indirectly increases the memory formation

Listening to music can also help with reducing test anxiety. Anxiety can become a blocker for students and work. There has been studied at Cambridge University that says that listening to hip-hop music if they are under a lot of stress and anxiety will help. This is because hip-hop provides an uplifting effect on listeners and help them to accept their challenge and deal/ manage their workload better, and it also helps with the mental health issues that might occur while studying too. Music is found to help people that are under a high amount of pressure to perform better as well. There was also a study done at Stanford that listening to music also helps to focus, and found that musical composers from the 1800s engages with areas of the brain that are involved with paying attention. So, the music choice is also influential in the brain process as well

I listen to music while I study all of the time, and I believe that it really helps me to focus and helps me to memorize things better as well. I personally believe that music is helpful for me to learn and is not a distraction/ detriment to my learning. Listening to music is also not helpful for everyone as well, and can just become a distraction the whole time while they are trying to learn as well. Sometimes music is not the answer for everyone, but it is very helpful for the people that like to listen to music while they are learning.