What do Americans value the most? Money, of course. They still value their rights and their freedom but money just seems to be the one thing that everyone has to have. America’s economic system creates three categories which it’s citizens fall into. Lower class citizens have the least money, often earning less than $12,000 per year, barely making enough money to afford going to work due to gas prices, or other transportation services, childcare, or due to disability. The middle class earning enough money to generally support themselves and their families though those on the lower end of the middle class society are often living the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. The Upper Class of which most people associate with the top 1 percent. 

America seems to be brainwashed by the idea that money is the most important thing to have. Of course, Money is a necessity and it is good to have so someone can have a roof over their head, food, and maybe even a good education. It is noticeable that kids in lower class society have dropped out of school. Lower class does not have as many opportunities as middle and upper class people.  When it comes to the American Dream, money is apart of that. “Mr. Carson has explicitly said that homeownership is the central part of the Dream” (Shiller) Why should anyone be left out in being able to fulfill the American Dream?

Big companies like Amazon, just made $11.2 billion last year and did not have to pay anything in taxes (Ingraham). Why are the people who are making the most money not having to pay taxes, but the people who are making the least amount of money have to have it taken away from them? The Big question is, why did Amazon not have to pay taxes?

To wrap all of this up, America values money too much. Companies are making millions of dollars and are not giving up anything, as money is being taken away from people with a lot less money. 

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October 17, 2019 1:01 pm

Hello Mikeala,
I really agree with you argument. Americans really do seem to value money over anything else. Money is the center of a lot of controversy in the United States. I think it is ridiculous that amazon didn’t have to pay any taxes after making 11.2 billion dollars! It is so unfair that some people work so hard and don’t make much money at all and still have to pay tons of taxes while a company who makes billions doesn’t have to pay a cent! If one person has to pay taxes then everyone else should have to too, there should be no reason one person shouldn’t have to pay taxes. I found this article on the Amazon taxes that i thought might interest you, it is called “Fact-check: Does Amazon Pay No US Federal Tax Income?” and once again, good job on your argument piece!

October 17, 2019 12:07 pm

Dear Mikeala,
I really liked reading about your perspective on the American dream. I agree with you that money is a big deal in our society today, in many aspects. I especially found your evidence about Amazon not paying taxes last year crazy, since they made so much money. I also found it surprising that the people with the least amount of money get taxed the most. That seems entirely unfair to the people that work hard and society and struggle to keep a steady income in order to support their families and or themselves. The topic of money made me think about equality of income in between genders as well. In an article I found it stated, “Among full-time workers, women earned less than 81 cents for every dollar a man earned in 2016” (Inequality.com). What do you think we should do in order to stop the unfairness of taxes and income in between classes? Awesome job again!

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