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The article, “Are Driverless Cars a Good Idea?” explains how the evolving technology in the future might allow for humanless cars to provide transportation. It shows some of the benefits of allowing driverless cars like reducing the risk of car accidents, due to either drunk driving, distracted driving, or speeding. It also provides a more positive effect for our earth.  These cars would be electric and reduce the number of cars in the streets.  With less emission of greenhouse gases, we would be able to combat the increasing rates of global warming.   However, some argue that these driverless cars could also be a great danger.  They claim that these cars have previously cost the lives of those who have tried them before. 

After reading the article and seeing both sides, I find it interesting how our technology is constantly evolving.  Different companies are partnering up to make this new tech. of a driverless car happen.  There would need to be many tests taken in order to ever be able to put a self-driving car out.  I think that with proper tests a version of an autopilot car with a human inside to ensure safety is what would be possible for now.  Kind of like how the tesla runs on that feature.  

Do you think driverless cars would be dangerous?

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September 12, 2022 5:14 am

Dear Zhelanea,

I am intrigued by your topic “Is it time for driverless cars,” because I am also still confused about the safety and mechanism of these driverless cars. They explain to us that it will be positive and it will be but there are people’s lives in the line with testing as you mentioned.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “I find it interesting how our technology is constantly evolving.” I think this is very positive and true but also dangerous because there is a future ahead of us and driverless cars can go either way, negatively or positively.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because topics like these explain and alert people about what is coming in the future and the information they need to know. In California, there will be no more selling of gas cars which also helps driverless cars which are usually electric, so I would love to see more.

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