Is Homework Beneficial? by Ruhang

January 21, 2020


Is Homework Beneficial?

Many people do not like homework, and I am one of them. Homework is indeed good or bad. Less homework will not work, and more homework will be a burden on students.

The advantage of homework is that proper homework can improve students’ academic performance and acquire independent learning skills. Homework can also enable parents to supervise their children’s learning. Homework helps students develop key skills to use throughout their lives, such as accountability, discipline, time management, and the ability to solve problems independently. At the same time, students can be better restrained by themselves.

The disadvantage of homework is that too much homework can be harmful to students because it can increase student stress. It also reduces students’ leisure and sleep time and leads to cheating. As a result, students develop many bad habits.

Finally, I want to say that there can be homework, but not too much. Otherwise the result will only be counterproductive.