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In the article “Gun control advantages and disadvantages” by M Y Venn, I learned that having gun restrictions may lead to further problems.  Some may think that having gun restrictions may be a good thing but it also comes with disadvantages. One thing that was mentioned was having gun restrictions is non beneficial . If a criminal wants to do damage, he will do damage with or without a gun. It’s not the guns that should be having restrictions because it’s the person behind the gun, what their intentions are, they are the ones causing the damage. 

  Another thing I learned was that some believe and mentioned was that having gun restriction gives the government too much power. With the government intervening with people and their given rights, they believe that their taking away a right and it being restricted gives them too much power, thus this will lead to tyranny because the government is having too much power. 

As i learn more about gun rights and gun restrictions, i wonder how do criminals with a horrible record get their hands on guns?

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December 11, 2023 8:46 pm

Dear Janet,
Your post made me think that gun restrictions are not the solution to gun violence. I also made me think that maybe its the way we act around others that cause gun violence. I wonder why people think gun restrictions are the solution to the problem.


December 11, 2023 8:40 pm

Dear Janet 
Your post made me think what people can do with guns and the kind of restriction we should be having on them. It also made me think if the laws should be for all states or should have higher restriction for certain classes. Something I wonder is if there’s a way to protect the people more and not the ability of having a weapon.


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