Shootings have been rampant all around the United States. It seems as if every time you turn on the news, there’s a story about a shooting taking place. It occurs so much we’ve almost become desensitized every time we hear about a shooting. We just think “another one?” People are saying these shootings are a problem and something should be done about this. Yes, this is a problem, but what should we do about it? The solutions presented by 2019 Democratic presidential candidates are voluntary/mandatory gun buyback programs, a ban on high-capacity magazines, and a ban on “assault weapons”. Will these programs or laws work to reduce these shootings?

The answer is no. It will not deter criminals from obtaining a firearm, going to a public area, and shooting it up. Why will it not work? Let’s start with voluntary gun buybacks. The government estimates that there are about 393 million guns in America. Offering cash etc. for someone to turn in their guns will not be effective. Criminals especially will ignore this buyback problem and not turn in their firearm unless they are trying to make some easy money by turning in a gun they don’t want anymore. Citizens will most likely not turn in their firearms unless they need money. There are so many guns in the U.S. that this voluntary gun buyback program would make an insignificant difference. As for mandatory gun buyback programs, the government has no right to make it mandatory for citizens to turn in their guns to the government. It is unconstitutional and against everything we stand for. The people have a right to own firearms, and is a guaranteed right in the Constitution. By making it mandatory for law abiding citizens to turn in their guns, this will leave those citizens defenseless and as victims. Criminals will not turn in their guns, therefore they will have an advantage and more victims to choose from.

Now the ban on “high-capacity” magazines. Banning “high-capacity” magazines will not deter any shootings, and can be easily bypassed. If you limit a magazine size to 10 rounds, people can bring more than one magazine, ten rounds each, and still kill more people. Take for example the Virginia Tech shooter. He used handguns with 17 magazines, most holding 10 rounds, some holding 15. But banning high-capacity magazines will slow the shooter down because they would have to reload more often right? False. A magazine change can be completed in seconds. The Columbine shooter, using a Hi-point 995 carbine, which uses 10 rounds, was able to continue shooting for approximately an hour. 10 rounds will not stop shootings, and will not help with the situation. 

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