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In the article, “Teachers Are Divided on Teaching LGBTQ Topics.”(Najarro 2021) I learned that teachers are becoming hesitant on talking about LGBTQ topics in the classroom due to new restrictions and education policies. The text states how teachers are in fear of losing their jobs due to angry parents complaining about whether they are talking about the LGBTQ or theyre failing to not talk about them enough. No matter what teachers decide, it’s always guaranteed that someone is not happy. Parents have to understand that this isn’t included in their training so they simply don’t talk about it because they aren’t educated enough to. LGBTQ+ is also fairly new from this generation and older teachers may not be educated about that subject.

I think this is unfortunate for teachers to experience this and lose their jobs over it. Though the school system can be unfair sometimes, I do agree on the fact that the classroom should be meant to talk about their curriculum only. It is important to keep the classroom as strict as possible so learning is positive and comfortable for all students.

As I continue to learn about this, I want to know when these laws on LGBTQ were placed and why.

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December 12, 2023 10:32 pm

Dear, Isabella your post made me think about other extra curricular activities that may revolve the topic about the LGBTQ+ Community such as school clubs and other events. As well as if schools have clubs like that how come it has become a big issue if the topic gets discussed in class. Despite this I still agree with the fact that going based of the curriculum that teachers are meant to follow should be followed in order to prevent any misinterpretations.

Something I still tend to wonder is why would teachers be at blame regarding discussing this topic or not if the school is the one that sets certain policies.

Sincerely, Andrea Agripino

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