Is college worth it? by Zhelanea

September 28, 2020


Is college worth it?

The topic of whether to attend college or not has been discussed a lot.  Many have come to the conclusion that attending college is your best choice.  We are able to see this on the statistics of unemployment rates and weekly/yearly income rates.  We are able to see how having a lower education will most likely leave you unemployed than if you have a higher education.  This rate of unemployment decreases at each next upper level of education.  The income rates also help us determine how much you would make.  Those without more than a high school diploma or less have way less income than those with Bachelor degrees or higher.  Not only do the statistics show how attending college could benefit you, but also in life.  Those without higher education tend to take less specialized jobs with more risk.  These risks are often dangerous and could cause great harm to someone.  With a degree you take on a more specialized job, which decreases the risk of injury.  So all in all, it seems attending college is the best option.