The article involving technology by Joe Bubar explains how technology has now taken upon our lives and is much stronger than ever. Technology is the easiest and fastest way to possibly get ahold of something. Getting in contact with a family member, having to do some quick shopping, or needing to search something up.

The internet can change our lives in the future and that’s the only thing being used right now. It was also mentioned in the article saying, “in October, the department of justice filed a landmark lawsuit accusing Google of illegally maintaining a monopoly over internet searches.” That showed how companies are using monopolies to try and take control of it all.

I think this is all crazy especially since we are all apart of this. The obsession that we have over the internet is crazy, Many companies get their attention though, by promoting and sales and such. These tech companies are getting really powerful right now that some can

t even controls them. Democrats what some businesses to be divided to back them off from gaining a lot of power and that is a good idea that should be done. I also say that it is true that the companies like google, amazon, youtube, google classroom do have a lot of power and even more than before at the moment because like if you really think about it, nowadays with covid you can’t really know much or get much unless it is online and that is why technology is more powerful than ever right now.

Do you think that technology has taken over you? and will splitting these businesses make them have less power?

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March 2, 2021 3:58 am

Dear Dulce:
I was very intrigued by your post, “Is big tech too powerful?” because this topic was a very interesting topic that i’ve never thought about. I didn’t think those big tech creators of apps and social media’s had so much control over people. I agree with you that all this is crazy, especially the evidence that the department of justice field had over the big company google which shows how even the government understand that these big tech companies are getting way to much power with their apps. Which is leading them to wanting to change it before they become to powerful. Thank you for writing. I am looking forward to seeing what you write about next.

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