The Catholic Church views death as the entryway to a new life with God in heaven. God believes that your life is precious and should not be abused or mistreated. We need to respect our bodies and our minds. We also need to respect others as well as ourselves.

God and the Catholic Church believes that we need to let nature take its course. But commiting suicide is not a natural thing but instead something that is caused by ourselves. When many people want to commit suicide they are wanting to just end whatever struggle they are going through. Jesus said that we need to pick up our cross and avoid sin no matter what. We all need to accept God in our lives and to not turn our faces from God.

When the people who want to kill themselves they are often not in the right mind set. And I personally do not believe that we should just throw them in front of a TV and make them watch a 1 hour video about suicide prevention but instead show that we care for the person and that we care for there life. People with mental disabilities often have suicidal thoughts and want to hurt themselves or others. God is always here to help us, but other people need someone they can physically interact with that needs to guide them to God. It is a big struggle for someone to believe in something that they cannot see. It is easy to get side tracked and is easy for someone to turn away from the lord. As kids we grow up knowing that Santa Claus exists but as we grow older and realize that it is not true because we are able to understand that Santa wouldn’t be able to stop by someone’s house to drop off the gifts at 7 billions homes in one night is just not logical. But as children it is easy for us to just imagine and to use creativity. Just like Santa, Jesus is something that we cannot see. We are told all about him but no one is able bring Jesus out of the sky and say “This is Jesus, Jesus this is Riley”.

When we talk more about assisted suicide we talk about the person dying but we never talk about the doctor that is killing the person. Watching someone die is very hard on the brain. My Dad is a Paramedic and always sees people die. He said that when he had seen someone die for the first time he had a hard time sleeping, just knowing that it was part of God’s plan to let that person die. 

People here in the US value their lives like an object. But the Catholic church believes that we need to move past the part where we only care about what car we have. Our end goal is to live with God in heaven and to live an eternal life. But in order to accomplish this goal we need to obey God’s rules and his commandments that he gave us. God is incredibly mercyful and is always able to extend a hand out to us for help. Even if your situation is terrible and you see suicide as the last option as to kill yourself, just know that God is there to help you through your situation and is there to be a shoulder for you to lean on.


Many people see the elderly as people who want to just be put out of their misery and don’t want to be alive for much longer. But just like what I said above we need to value our lives and let nature take its course.

Before we discussed assisted suicide in class I had asked my Dad what he thought about it and he told me that we always need to put our trust in God and to not change our destiny. If God wanted us to die the next day, then he would have had that happen already. Everything that we know is all part of a larger plan for him.

The ethical issue with this topic is that people should not be choosing whether to take their own life or not. I see it as too much power for one person and just being able to control that is a scary thought. The Catholic Church’s views on this is extremely negative because it is disobeying God’s plan and moves away from the final product.

The other side of the argument is that assisted suicide should be legal and that people should have the right to do what they want to themselves. This includes small things such as tattoos and piercings. I understand the piercings and tattoos only because they can represent who you are as a person. Assisted suicide is a right that anyone should have as a person because it gives that person the right to choose what to do with your body. Assisted suicide is a hard topic for some people. Either people who have family members who were going through a lot of pain or themselves who experience it.

In the end we all need to be there for each other and we need to support their decisions. I personally do not believe in assisted suicide. I hope that whatever you do is the best option for you and I pray that whatever you are experiencing will go okay and will work out in the end.

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